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You deserve to have a home that supports you and your lifestyle. This is where you are going to learn how to turn your  vision into reality.  Are you ready to love your home and your life?

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This Month's Mini-Podcast: Loving Your Kitchen

This months HOME focus = Your Kitchen

This month's LIFE focus = Nourishment

Octobers's Guide: This month, we'll uncover the connection between our kitchens and nourishing our mind, body and soul. When your heart is healthier, you entire body is healthier. The same is true for the heart of the home. When you have a healthy kitchen, you have a healthier home.

Love & Learn Event

An organized kitchen can lead to a healthier life style! Registered dietician and certified intuitive eating counselor, Kayla Fitzgerald is going to teach us why this is true. She uses both nutrition science and principles of behavior change to live her best life, and she wants to help us do the same!

October 18, 2022 at 9am(cst)

Featured Blog:

For most families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. The kitchen can nourish our minds, bodies and souls. 

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  • Loving your home involves decluttering, organizing, energy shifts and mindset practice. 
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The loving your home Process™

  • Know your flow - Learn the connection between your home and your life. 
  • Explore your why - Practice getting crystal clear on what you want and why you want it. 
  • Create your space - Intentionally set up each space in your home so that it supports you.

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You can never be 'behind' and anytime is a great time to become a VIP Club Member. We use the Loving Your Home Process™ while focusing on a different area of home & life each month.




Wall of Wins! 

Knowing I could learn from and connect with other women was exactly what I needed. What I have gained from this amazing group of women is priceless!

~ Nicole S.

I came into 2021 ready to embrace life and looking for something more. I wanted connection, support and sisterhood. And I found all of that in the Loving Your Home Club. 

~ Teresa S.

When I first joined The Club my thought was that I was going to learn some tips and tricks to help me get my home organized. There is a sisterhood that has developed and we went from physical clutter to mental clutter to emotional clutter and work clutter. We just support each other through whatever the current "clutter" may be. 

~Courtney J.

I realize there have been times in my life when I was hesitant about doing something that felt uncomfortable. Like years ago joining a women's Bible study. Shortly afterwards I was diagnosed with breast cancer and all of those women became a big part of my healing and recovery.

In this new season, finding Crystal and being apart of the Loving Your Home Club has been like that...something I wasn't sure of or was nervous about but just said YES.

~Gina L.

Seeing the successes of other members inspires me to create my own success, and knowing I will be sharing weekly updates on my progress keeps me focused and accountable. The women in this Club support, celebrate and inspire each other. 

~ Betty H.

When I joined the Club I was fed up, resentful and worn out from clearing off/putting away things only for it to be messed up almost immediately by someone other than me. I have made progress on changing my attitude about cleaning up other family member's clutter -- I have gratitude for being able to care for the people I love--it helps <most of the time>.  

~Tiffany S.

About Crystal

Hey! I'm Crystal Nerpel. I am an organizing expert and founder of the Loving Your Home Club.  

I LOVE being outdoors, but I admit to being a homebody. My home (and my bed) are my most favorite spots on earth. 

However, years ago, my home was stressful: Clutter and chaos were the norm, and it started taking a toll on my quality of life...I knew I wasn't living my best life. 

There was a HUGE gap between the way I was feeling and the way I wanted to feel:

  • I wanted to feel calm, relaxed, supported and joyful when I was in my home.
  • Instead, I was feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, annoyed and resentful.

It took some time, but I figured out how to start living my best life.

For me, it started at home. Loving my home wasn't about having a perfectly tidy, clean house. It was about having a life I love. I've learned that when you shift the energy within your home, you shift the energy within your mind. It's pretty powerful stuff.

It's a privilege to teach and support this beautiful community of women as they build the homes and lives of their dreams. Loving your home is about loving your life!

Join the journey!

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