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Welcome Home!

Declutter, De-stress and Simplify with a little help from your friends! This is a community of supportive, loving women who are creating homes that support their dreams. 

Creating Momentum through


New Here?

It is always nice to know that you are not alone in this. More than likely, your story is not as unique as you may think. There are other people struggling with your struggles. It’s one of the things I love the most about the Loving Your Home Club. We get to support one another by sharing our stories and hearing, “Me too sister.” There is something very comforting about that.

Not a member Yet?

There are so many benefits to joining the club! 

Loving Your Home Club

A Few Club Details...

You will focus on creating a home that supports your dreams.

Weekly Zoom meetings to keep the momentum going.

Each member has an opportunity to be seen and heard.

ALL conversations are confidential; what happens in the Club stays in the Club.

Throughout the week, you can stay connected with other Club Members in our private Facebook Group.

The membership site has new resources added each month.

It's only $35 a month, with no contract. 

Loving Your Home Club

Club Member Perks

Special events throughout the year - $200 value

Unlimited access to printable resources - $50 value

Unlimited access to the Ducks In A Row Course - $97 value

1 group coaching session a month - $300 value

You'll be surrounded by women who inspire, support and motivate you to live your best life - Priceless

$697 value for only $35 a month!

Loving Your Home Club


Hope - there are answers to your clutter problems. I promise.  

Clarity - you will gain a new understanding of your unique organizing style. 

Vision - knowing exactly how you want to feel in your home and in your soul.

Stress reduction - decluttering and having support are natural stress reducers

Connection - you are not in this messy world alone my friend.

Praise and Testimonials

I am so grateful for the Loving Your Home Club! Knowing that I could learn from and connect with other women was exactly what I needed. What I have gained from this amazing group of women is priceless!

I came into 2021 ready to embrace life and looking for something more. I wanted connection, support and sisterhood. And I found all of that in the Loving Your Home Club.

When I first joined The Club my thought was that I was going to learn some tips and tricks to help me get my home organized. There is a sisterhood that has developed and we went from physical clutter to mental clutter to emotional clutter and work clutter. We just support each other through whatever the current "clutter" may be. 

Camaraderie! The women in this Club support and celebrate each other. Inspiration! Seeing the successes of other members inspires me to create my own success. Accountability! Knowing I will be sharing weekly updates on my progress keeps me focused and accountable. Resources! Crystal provides club members with fantastic resources!

A Sneak Peek...

Self-paced guides to help you declutter, de-stress & simplify

Self-paced courses to help you declutter, de-stress & simplify

Many more resources to help you create a home that supports your vision

Weekly meetings with these beautiful people

About Crystal

Hey! I'm Crystal Nerpel. If you landed here because you are struggling with clutter (big or small / mental or physical) welcome to the club! You are not alone, my friend. I have walked in those same uncomfortable shoes.  

My decluttering journey began at the end of 2016 when I finally acknowledged the HUGE gap between the way I was feeling and the way I wanted to feel:

  • I wanted to feel calm, relaxed, supported and joyful when I was in my home.
  • Instead, I was feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, annoyed and resentful.

The clutter was taking a toll, so I took action! I got organized 100% for ME.

I know, first hand, the feeling of empowerment that comes from getting control of the clutter and chaos. I look forward to celebrating with you as you release clutter to open up space for more abundance = An abundance of freedom, clarity, strength, wisdom and love.

My passion to teach others how to declutter, de-stress and simplify their lives comes from a genuine place of understanding and compassion. I pass no judgements because I believe we are all doing the best we can with with our current level of understanding.

If you are ready to take action, I would love to have you join me in the club!

On the Fence?

Check Out My free Home Vision Guide...