I've got good news: You are doing a wonderful job my friend, and you don't need to change who you are in order to live your best life! Instead, shift your focus and harness the energy of your home to create a better life for yourself. 

Clean up your focus, not your house.

Loving Your Home is really about loving yourself.


Creating positive change and having quick wins creates momentum in the right direction. 


Clearing clutter gives you the ability to clearly see the potential in your home and in yourself.


When you start recognizing what is not working, you'll be able to define your true desires.

Stress Reduction

Letting go of what no longer serves you (clutter) resets the nervous system.


Find connection with the Loving Your Home Community , your family and yourself.


Taking care of your home, creates a supportive environment for you and your family. 

A lifetime of loving my home has taught me that there is an undeniable correlation between how you take care of your home and how you take care of yourself.

We do not declutter, organize and clean to have a beautiful house. We declutter, organize and clean to have a beautiful life. 

Crystal Nerpel

Some resources you'll find inside The Club...

The Loving Your Home Club is not accepting new VIP Members at this time. BUT click the "Take A Look Around" Button (above) to access the free resources! 

Why "The Club" is so special...

The Club is centered on you and your dreams. You will learn how to use your home as a tool to create the life you've always wanted.

What I Have Gained Is Priceless

I am so grateful for the Loving Your Home Club! Knowing that I could learn from and connect with other women was exactly what I needed. 

Nicole S. 

More Than Organizing Tips & Tricks

There is a sisterhood that has developed. We've talked about physical clutter, mental clutter,  emotional clutter and even work clutter. We just support each other through whatever the current "clutter" may be. 

Courtney J. 

Connection & Support 

I came into 2021 ready to embrace life and looking for something more. I wanted connection, support and sisterhood. And I found all of that in the Loving Your Home Club. 

Teresa S. 

Inspired By Other Members

Seeing the successes of other members inspires me to create my own success, and knowing I will be sharing weekly updates on my progress keeps me focused and accountable. The women in this Club support, celebrate and inspire each other. 

Betty H.

I Was Nervous But Just Said YES

I realize there have been times in my life when I was hesitant about doing something that felt uncomfortable. Like years ago joining a women's Bible study. Shortly afterwards I was diagnosed with breast cancer and all of those women became a big part of my healing and recovery.

In this new season, finding Crystal and being apart of the Loving Your Home Club has been like that...something I wasn't sure of or was nervous about but just said YES.

Gina L. 

I let Go Of Resentment

When I joined the Club I was fed up, resentful and worn out from clearing off/putting away things only for it to be messed up almost immediately by someone other than me. I have made progress on changing my attitude about cleaning up other family member's clutter -- I have gratitude for being able to care for the people I love--it helps <most of the time>.   

Tiffany S.