Bedroom Workouts (January)

How to get the most out of your Home-Body Workouts this month:

  • Always warm up before starting a workout.
  • Do this for yourself before you start taking care of everyone else: Get in a quick workout before you even leave your bedroom! 
  • Use these workouts to wind down at the end of the day and relieve stress and tension from your body.
  • Pick your favorite and put it on replay, repeat it 3 times for a more challenging 15 minute workout.
  • Click the playlist and attempt to stack one workout on top of can do it!
  • Always cool down after working out.

Tip: Jump ahead one minute and skip the introduction. Jump right into the workout.

Bedroom Strength & Stability Workout

Bedroom Upper Body Workout

Bedroom Workout Mashup - 5 minutes, 5 moves

Bedroom Lower Body Workout