Meeting Intentions

  • FOCUSED SUPPORT. During meetings, please do your best to offer positive, helpful support to all other members. Helpful tip: Remember to make your input/support about the other person, not about yourself.  
  • MOMENTUM. We are here to grow and change. There may be growing pains along they way, and that is absolutely normal. Hanging on to old habits and throwing in the towel are NORMAL human reactions. We are here to help each other move past those limiting beliefs and create momentum. Baby steps are usually best...a little progress is still progress 🙂
  • CELEBRATION. Feel free to share your wins with us so we can celebrate with you. All the win count: big, small, tiny, tall. They are all steps towards your best life. 
  • CONFIDENTIALITY. Know that all conversations within Club meetings are held in the strictest of confidence so that all everyone feels comfortable sharing and growing. This is always a NO judgement zone.