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Loving Your Wardrobe

Instead of decluttering your closet, focus on decluttering your wardrobe. I’m referring to all your wearable items: jewelry, accessories, shoes, coats, underwear, etc. Your wardrobe may even be scattered all around your home. Think about the shoes in the living room, seasonal clothes in a spare bedroom, and dirty clothes in the laundry room…it’s all

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Curated Playlist: Self-Empowerment

Music can tap into memories and emotions like nothing else on Earth. This playlist was designed to help you step into your authentic, amazing-self. 

Home-Body Workouts: Wardrobe Series

This month, empower yourself to move your body! Get those endorphins pumping and wear some cute clothes while your at it. 


Focus Guide: Loving Your Wardrobe, Embrace who you are and who you want to become.

Instead of focusing on a particular space this month, we are focusing on the "stuff"....all the stuff you wear. A well curated wardrobe (shoes, clothes, accessories and even perfume) can empower you to show up as your authentic, beautiful self. Nothing feels better than being true to who you are!

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