January 2023

Life Focus:


Home Focus:

Loving Your Bedroom

You are a smart cookie and can make your own decisions, but did you know that your home influences your daily behavior? Your daily behavior is influenced by what you see Seventy percent (70%) of your sensory receptors are in your eyes, so what you see really influence your behavior. That means your home can

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Curated Playlist: Rest

This is a grouping of 14 songs that you can play while drifting off to sleep or when you need to calm your nervous system. There are no lyrics, just calming binaural beats that have been shown to shift mindset and elevate mood. Listen to this playlist as you practice connecting with your inner-self. 

Home-Body Workouts: Bedroom Series

When you move your body during the day, you are more well rested at night. The Home-Body workout series is a collection of 5-minute workouts that stands alone or can be stack on top of each other. Shelley Wall, our resident Wellness Coach, has designed these workouts to complement our monthly theme. 

Note: always warm up before each workout and cool down after. 

Focus Guide: Loving Your Bedroom & Finding Connection

Packed with guidance to help you pour love into your bedroom and tap into your desired feelings.

When you create space for you soul to rest, you can better connect with yourself and your partner.

Included in A Little Love & Extra Love & VIP (All the Love) Memberships.

Love & Learn Workshop: Miracle Box 1/19/23 @11am(CST)

Our very own Teresa Schlup is going to teach us how to craft a Miracle Box so we can create a 2023 full of miracles. Come ready to dream!

Included in Extra Love & VIP (All the Love) Memberships.