Instead of decluttering your closet, focus on decluttering your wardrobe. I’m referring to all your wearable items: jewelry, accessories, shoes, coats, underwear, etc. Your wardrobe may even be scattered all around your home. Think about the shoes in the living room, seasonal clothes in a spare bedroom, and dirty clothes in the laundry room…it’s all a part of your wardrobe.

Stuff-shuffling will never get you organized

If you are struggling to keep your closets and dresser drawers organized I can tell you exactly what the problem is, and it has nothing to do with lack of storage space: You have too much stuff. Most of us do. We shuffle clothes, shoes and accessories around instead of getting to the root of the problem – too much stuff. As a professional organizer I have organized a lot of closets and stuff-shuffling is a problem. Here are a few things I’ve seen that don’t work:

  • Cramming too many clothes onto the closet bar.
  • Moving clothes from one drawer to another, and then back again.
  • Piling laundry and shoes in a spare bedroom, usually on top of the bed.
  • Keeping clothing inside laundry baskets and then moving them from room to room.

This stuff-shuffling technique is never going to get you organized, but decluttering your wardrobe will.

Decluttering your wardrobe will get you organized

Most Americans have closets and dresser drawers full of items we never wear because we don’t love them or they don’t fit, but we don’t want to let them go. It’s crazy how emotionally attached we can become to our clothing. They become a part of our identity and express how we feel on certain days. However, I can assure you that parting with some of your out-of-control clothing stash will make you feel lighter and more empowered.

Declutter your wardrobe of anything that does not fit.

Personally, when I see something in my closet that no longer fits, I kind of feel like it’s judging me. “Hey, you need to drop a few pounds so you can wear me.” That doesn’t feel good. I don’t have any room in my life for that kind of gross judgement, and neither do you. If it doesn’t fit, get rid of it.

Get it out of your wardrobe if you haven’t worn it in a year

If it hasn’t been worn in a year or more, you can safely let it go. It’s just taking up valuable real estate for some other fabulous outfit you’ll actually wear. It’s okay to outgrow a style or season of life. If you know you are never going to have more children, donate the maternity clothes. I know they are comfy, but declutter your wardrobe to make room for items that represent who you are now.

Let your clothes and accessories breathe

It may sound silly, but declutter your wardrobe and give it some space to breathe! Cramming clothing tightly together in a closet or jamming items into drawers isn’t ideal. Your clothes will look more appealing when you can easily shift them around and actually see what you have. Having fewer shoes, belts, jewelry and clothes takes away the overwhelm. You’ll be able to find the perfect outfit and fell great wearing it.

Have fun loving your wardrobe and join us in the Club to really up-level your decluttering game.

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